sábado, 30 de novembro de 2013

"I feel alive!"

"I wake every morning up bright and early
Roll out of bed but I'm never quite alone
Tension is pulling me in all directions
And I'll be done once you use me as a rope
Sometimes the pressure will just drive you crazy
At any time I could explode
I need some piece of mind, its got me tired
Don't wanna lose it, but I'm turning down that road

I need a moment 'cause I've dragged myself to thin
We all need a moment in our lives
Works hard, the days too long
And thats just where it begins
Tension has had us all this time."


terça-feira, 26 de novembro de 2013

"I don't wanna be an angel, I just wanna be GOD!"

"They called us a dead generation
They told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all plenty alive
We know where you are and we're coming
Let's see you say that shit to our face
30/30-150 remembers and 30/30-150 hates."